This is also initial coin offering for the platform of emails. Going by the name the name of this platform is Ethereum, based in Switzerland. The name of the token is swisstoken and it accepts both BTC and ETH. It caters to the safety and security of the communication and allows to profit while doing that. It’s a combination of both p2p idea & old-fashioned trustworthy mail style and user friendly. This is one level up in the system and aids the security. It prevents the intrusion from the hacking decrease capacity requests. The resolution is circulated free, but nodes can have paid services. The users can surely benefit from receipt of messages. This can be rated as class encryption, does in depth sender authentication, and also supports spam protection. This is the boon for crypto-transaction on block chain technology, as it’s decentralized and transparent. The homework let the operation runs real smooth.

  • Details
  • This token has an easy go application for protected email conversation. This software is for a consistent service node that serves as the elementary unit. This unit is a part of a reorganized peer-to-peer network which includes a mail server along with a billing system.We are altering the outdated model of communication facilities that is just one track working. With the capacity of internet so vast, the Internet servers of the company are the central core can limit the usage and profit. Swiss token nodes can reach out directly devoid of a central email server.


  • Name
  • Position
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  • Ian Stolyar
  • CEO
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  • Dmitry Levankov
  • CCO
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  • Anna Kirillova
  • CMO
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  • Andrey Kizevich
  • CLO
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  • Victor Barinov
  • CTO
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  • Roman Sakno
  • Solution Architect
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  • Sergey Vasiliev
  • Android/Core С++ development, application core, integrations, team management.
  • Andrey Valkin
  • Development Windows desktop
  • Alexey Rusnak
  • Development iOS/Android
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  • Stanislav Blinov
  • System & Business analyst
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  • Andrey Lyashin
  • Crypto team
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  • Sergey Egorov
  • Crypto team
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Token SWSToken
Platform Ethereum
Accepting BTC, ETH
Soft cap1500000 USD
Hard cap 47500000 USD
Country Switzerland
Category Finance
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
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