Crypto technology has launched a new crypto-currency initiated wealth management solution with a community centric approach on block chain known as SwissBorg. It has basically been launched to revolutionize the wealth management system and fill in the gap between consumers and banks by building a self-regulated banking system. Here, with a combination of best DAO standards and meritocratic Cyber banking system everyone will benefit. The new technology is supposed to offer thebest of breed financial advisory services and invest solutions. At this place one can safely manage and store their crypto assests as they get access to a large numbers of asset services. From exchanges to asset tokenization to derivatives everything has its value stated here. Full list of ended, upcoming and live token details visit: – The ICO calendar page.

SwissBorg is basically a bank, for anyone from individuals to DAOs, with no minimum deposit. The value is added by Investment Manager and Financial Advisor with complete transparency and no filters. They have extended AI Robo-Advisor model to crypto-currencies, as they intend to empower investors with more freedom of choice and control on trading activities and risk management. Macro fundamentals, valuation of metrics, sentiment and proprietary technical indicators are used openly toidentify attractive hedging levels and to assess market risks.

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  • At SwissBorg, they believe that the key to the success of an investment strategy is Advisory. They combine Financial Advisory and smart contracts, to make their competitive positioning unique in every manner. They have a team of experienced asset managers, financial advisors and private bankers to maintain the limitations observed in the off-chain world. They have also built a holistic framework for Advisory: the “Smart Mandate.”


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  • Cyrus Fazel
  • CEO - Founder
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  • Anthony Lesoismier
  • CSO - Co-Founder
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  • Christophe Diserens
  • COO
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  • Maxime Gillot
  • CIO
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  • Marco Guerreiro
  • Head of Quantitative Strategies
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  • Micha Roon
  • Smart Contract Expert
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  • Olga Vorobyeva
  • Head of PR and CM
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  • Maëlle Baud
  • Head of Digital Marketing
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  • Colin Wirz
  • Python Developer
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  • Tomas Shanak
  • Full Stack Developer
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  • Deni Dudaev
  • Business Development Manager
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  • Mai Kiguchi
  • Blockchain advisor
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  • Ken Yagami
  • Head of Japan
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Trade Token on Bitcratic
Platform Ethereum
Category Business services
Total Supply 50,000,000
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