The very much transparent and decentralized place to put donation is Supporter. The initial coin offering is a much-awaited event so far in Bitcoin industry, and it’s here. Pre-sales is for the enthusiast, who wish to seek the rolling also for the new bees who wish to explore before they dig deeper.

Like some BTC this also uses the block chain technology where the data remains intact. Its traceable and hence transparent and safe medium to put your currency in the right and intended direction. This portal offers a global platform where anyone from anywhere can transfer the money to anyone without processing fees. Donations are instant, even if the currency is not supporter tokens. They can instantaneously be transformed into SupPorter Tokens with the help of Smart Contracts.

  • Details
  • This implies donation can be FIAT (such as US Dollars), currencies from donors, which can be converted later. This user-friendly system can benefit the organizations from revolutions in Block chain Technology. The transaction can be reordered hence and be organized and filed as regular currency for various data analysis at year-end. Total minted coins 1 billion, 10% of which are up for sale as SAFT pact or pre sale, 30% goes to general public via ICO the event based distribution. 5% will be discount rate pool and 15% will be allotted to the team. Out of remaining 30%, 10% will be for the foundation and rest 20% are for the unforeseen events.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • 5%-30% in Pre-Sale


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  • Inman Porter
  • Founder and CEO
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CountryUnited States
Category Payments
Total Supply1,000,000,000

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