A company with its operations in US, Sun Fund coin is catering to energy utilities and investment. Sun Fund, a vertically integrated source of renewable energy, company that advances and retains lucrative solar projects. To be a part of this system is a bit tricky, as its invites people with a minimum investment of $100 USD. This currency has Power Purchase Agreement, PPA a contract for 20 years lock in period, offering a stable revenue of 6% annually. This system is also made on Ethereum. Investors are offered both preferred equity shares & an added Agreement of Future Tokens.

A real-world company, building assets for revenue generating renewable energy. This is also mounting an Ethereum, a platform of block chain currency. It has aptitude to start smart contracts on a circulated ledger. This Sun Fund token will not only bring liquidity but a stock of value for renewable energy assets. It will also help to remove the middle man from global financial & energy marketplaces. Sun Fund bitcoin looks more profitable as they focus on the small & medium-scale commercial grounds along with industrial solar markets with better profits and incentives.

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  • The future line of projects has 55 MW, which will attain dollars from the funding and acquire revenue instantly. This funding also working on coin mining as environmentally sustainable as they aim to bring renewable energy to bitcoin system. Earlier this started with private investors but now its very transparent and open to all who have keen interest and want to explore further at just $10/ share.


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  • Michael Licamele
  • President & Director
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  • Scott Licamele
  • Senior Vice President
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  • Mark Victor Hansen
  • Head of Investor Relations
  • Bryan Wilson
  • Vice President of Operations
  • Ron Little
  • Project Manager
  • Raffaella Morgan
  • Processing Manager
  • Jose Morales
  • Solar Engineering Designer
  • Brittany Beauchemin
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Lucia Morel
  • Accounting Manager
  • Alfred Coney
  • Master Electrician
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Token SFC
Platform Ethereum
Minimum investment100 USD
Soft cap10,000 USD
Hard cap1,070,000 USD
Category Energy & Utilities , Investment
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