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SuchApp combines best-of-class messaging with the power of a social network architected over a robust, enterprise-level blockchain economy to create the world’s first 5G messaging ecosphere. From one easy-to-use app, users will be converting their smartphones into a single point of contact for talking to friends; socializing and networking with like-minded people; buying, selling and trading goods and services and making payments with our own digital currency. SuchApp’s utility SP Coin (SPS) provides a combination of Digital Currency and bonus-based loyalty plan features. It is built on the Ethereum Platform making the integration with the blockchain community smooth and simple. SuchApp is not an early stage conceptual design. Instead, our mobile application is already in an advanced technical development stage. We have a proven development team working on it and we have entered our alpha testing stage last January, 2018.

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    The Problem Today's messaging apps are fundamentally anchored to a very limited paradigm of one-on-one conversations and small unstructured groups. Largely, they fail to provide the necessary tools required to foster community, stimulate economic activity and encourage lively human interaction.The Opportunity The social media/messaging industry now represents $90 billion worldwide and is expected to grow to over $120 billion by 2020. However, the functionality that is offered to their 3 billion users leaves much to be desired. With a prepared rollout scheduled for 178 countries and 16 planned localized versions of the app, SuchApp will provide a new, full-featured messaging ecosystem based on blockchain technology.The Solution The app which will enter into public alpha in Q1 2018, not only provides realtime messaging but incorporates powerful new features such as location based messaging, 4K broadcast video, granular security and powerful community and business communications capabilities.Thanks to the integrated cryptocurrency ecosphere based on our ERC20-based SPS token, users will be able to buy, sell and trade all types of assets and services directly from within the app. Additionally, anyone in the world can create and administer a group on SuchApp leveraging advanced community features such as a custom loyalty program based on the integrated token.The Strategy Unlike most initial coin offerings, SuchApp is far from an abstract project waiting to be commenced. Thanks to over $1.5 million already invested in development, the application is nearly ready to launch globally to the public. Our goal is to position ourselves as one of the top 5 messaging apps in the world within 5 years.To accomplish this we will utilize the funds raised in our initial token sale to catapult our user growth through strategic acquisitions and sustained organic promotion.The Offering The total supply of tokens will be 2.5 billion with a maximum fundraise of $40 million. The ICO price of each token will be $0.05. Pre-sale phase participants will receive, in addition to significantly discounted token prices, lifetime Gold Membership within the application.
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    Price in ICO0.0500 USD
    Tokens for sale1,250,000,000

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    AcceptingETH, BTC, BCH, LTC
    Hard cap40 000 000


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  • Ronny Shany
  • Co-Founder & CEO
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  • Vladimir Dobrov
  • Project Manager and Chief Crypto-Officer
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  • Justin Borrelo
  • Head of Business Development
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  • Jo Nakav
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Rafael Deramas
  • PR & Marketing Director - Asia
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  • Dennis Lewis
  • PR & Marketing Director - Global
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  • Idan Lakritz
  • Chief Financial Officer
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  • Remigio Bongulielmi
  • Contributing member of Crypto Valley Association
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  • James Haft
  • Entrepreneur and Merchant Banker
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  • Jason Hung
  • MBAT Bank co-founder and Entrepreneur
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  • Eric Klein
  • CEO of High TV 3D
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  • Sead Muftic
  • IT Security Expert
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  • Dmitry Perman
  • Investment Banker
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  • Stuart Semark
  • CEO of Isle of Media
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  • Ken Tachibana
  • Advisor of LENDO
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  • Kyle Wang
  • Senior Consultantat IBM Global Business Services
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  • Hans Choi
  • CEO of Open-chain
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  • Desmond Marshall
  • Founder of Rouge Ventures
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  • Deniz Erkus
  • CFA Fintech & Blockchain Expert
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  • Ian Scarffe
  • Founder & Investor,
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Trade Token on Bitcratic
Price0.0500 USD
AcceptingETH, BTC, BCH, LTC
Hard cap40 000 000
CountryIsle of Man
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Restricted areasChina
Category Business services , CryptoCurrency , Internet
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