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We tokenize fantasy sports, starting with football and our existing platform Football-Stars. Our vision is to bring sports fans all over the world as close to the real action as they can get. Our award winning platform Football-Stars will expand into being a community driven platform, with the STRYKZ token serving as an incentive for users to generate large parts of the content. This will be a self-reinforcing loop: Users will be rewarded with STRYKZ for contributing either content or to the growth of its community and can spend the token on various features and real life football merchandise. Additionally, the users can use their STRYKZ to play user-generated token-based challenges and earn even more STRYKZ. Though Football-Stars platform is not just an engaging online fantasy gaming experience; it can also be offered as a “Platform as a Service” that is adaptable to almost any market or language. By licensing out our platform, businesses can save up to 70% in development costs.

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    There are more than 3.5 billion football (soccer) fans in the world, many of them are really passionate about their favourite sport and are demanding more and more interactivity with their teams. No longer is purely watching a game sufficient. These fans want to engage directly and put their understanding of the world’s game to the test.Stryking specialises in sports fan engagement and monetisation by combining the real and virtual world to create genuine interaction opportunities for fans, stars and brands. Stryking operates the innovative fantasy sports platform Football-Stars1 , a thrilling and diversified gaming experience on web and mobile platforms for football fans worldwide. Fans get the chance to become coach and manager, they set up their own dream teams of real players and compete against other fans in leagues and daily challenges. The results are calculated, based on actual players‘ real-life performance data – straight from the real leagues.So far fantasy sports platforms centrally provide different fantasy leagues and contests for users to choose from. The operators define the content, the winning criteria and the costs for users to participate – By contrast, Stryking will give fans the opportunity to not only participate in pre-defined games, but we want to give fans the tools and the freedom to create their own fantasy sports content and contests.Stryking’s fantasy sports platform is designed to provide hundreds of millions of fans the most immersive and interactive experience to manage teams, compete against peers in daily challenges and get rewarded with exclusive fan experiences. Nothing beats the passion supporters feel for their sport and our fantasy sports solution turns this passion into online engagement.Our vision is to bring sports fans as close to the real action as they can get!
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    Price in ICO0.0460 USD

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    AcceptingETH, BTC
    Distributed in ICO40%
    Soft cap8,900 ETH
    Hard cap44,500 ETH


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  • Dirk Weyel
  • CEO & Founder
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  • Christian Szymanski
  • CMO & Co-Founder
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  • Hong Thieu
  • CFO
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  • Leonard Tan
  • Lead Blockchain Developer
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  • Sam Lee
  • Founder & CEO of CoinStreet Partner
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Price0.0460 USD
AcceptingETH, BTC
Soft cap8,900 ETH
Hard cap44,500 ETH
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Restricted areasUSA
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