StreamSpace has indubitably made its name in the market by its rapid progress. It has become the most growing and advanced streaming marketplace for users all around the globe. There are ample reasons for its rapid progress and phenomenal success in this field within a short span of time. The technologies that have been incorporated by StreamSpace are cutting- edge. Examples can be cited of two such techniques. They are blockchain technology and storage systems that are entirely decentralized. Filmmakers set a valid price based on the work they have done. They do not need to wait for months to be paid by consumers. The payment is made immediately, something that makes it better than traditional models prevalent for ages in the industry.


  • The storage system is decentralized – one that gives security from the evil called piracy.
  • Distribution is controlled efficiently. It includes the capability of setting prices as well.

The Blockchain Ledger is entirely immutable. It allows transparent and instantaneous systems of payment.


  • The content delivered is unique and is delivered directly by the filmmaker.
  • Recommendations are highly personalized.
  • You can create your own history. Join the blockchain distributor in the first place and stream film easily.


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  • Robert Binning
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  • James Baggett
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  • Octavian Geagla
  • CTO
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  • Hari Murugesan
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  • Jose Tormo
  • CSO
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  • Jon-Karl Klietsch
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  • Tanya Mayeux
  • Administrative Coordinator
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Token SSH
Platform StreamSpace
AcceptingETH, BTC, USD
Category Events & Entertainment
Total Supply 1,030,000,000
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