STOW IT is an existing peer to peer marketplace that specializes in matching individuals that need vehicle storage to individuals that have extra space. We have thousands of spaces and have been an existing platform since 2015. We will be integrating the STOW IT TOKEN and blockchain into our exiting platform. Token Utilities include rewards for users, community influence, and the ability to use smart contracts and deposits. Users will be able to trade STOW IT TOKENS for USD without ever leaving STOW IT through the use of the Radar Relay API built on the 0x protocol.

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  • About STOW IT Token

    ESTABLISHED PRODUCT STOW IT has thousands of users and spaces for individuals to rent for storage. The existing platform allows for immediate utility of the STOW IT Token. STOW IT specializes in storing vehicles such as cars, trailers, and RVs.INDUSTRY DISRUPTION Traditional storage in the U.S. is a $37B industry. In addition to the formal market, there is a sizable informal market that does not have the tools to communicate and transact. STOW IT will use proven scaling methods and the sharing economy to capture market share.ONE CLICK TRADING TECHNOLOGY Allows for everyone on STOW IT’s platform to interact with blockchain technology and trade tokens for USD without leaving the platform. This technology allows for easy token utilization and trading.GAMIFICATION Host and Renters earn and use tokens by listing their space, renting a space, reviews, and achieving milestones.COMMUNITY INFLUENCE Host and renters earn and use tokens by contributing to the community through referrals and bounties.UTILITY THROUGH FEATURES Smart lease contracts and deposits will be based upon the utilization of the STOW IT Token.
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  • Token info

    Price in ICO0.0233 USD
    Tokens for sale250,500,000

    Investment info

    Min. investment0.1 ETH
    Distributed in ICO57%
    Hard cap5000 ETH


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  • Position
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  • Devin Eldridge
  • President/Co-Founder
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  • Carmelo Mannino
  • CEO/Co-Founder
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  • Dillon Eldridge
  • CTO/Co-Founder
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  • Yevgeniy Spektor
  • Product Development Engineer
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  • Marcus Harbison
  • Growth Operations
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  • Cody GrandPre
  • Community Manager
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  • Toni Lane
  • Blockchain Specialist
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  • Ling Meng
  • Technical Advisor
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  • Brandon Grebe
  • Co-Founder GYS
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  • Gerald Chen
  • CFO Otter Products
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  • Scott Miller
  • President & COO at BillGO
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Price0.0233 USD
Minimum investment0.1 ETH
Hard cap5000 ETH
Category Business services , Real Estate

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