Stockchain Global is an innovative concept that brings a global blockchainbased platform to worldwide financial issuance and exchange markets for allfinancial instruments and assets. The platform is the international on-chain solution for the most fundamental features of the worldwide financial instrument system: issuing, tracking, trading, and managing bonds, equities, notes, and other equity-like and debt-like offerings.

The platform has advanced functionalities including creating and holding the assets on the blockchain itself, avoiding concerns with the practicality of tying real-world, tangible assets (such as stock certificates, bonding documents, promissory notes, or physical property) to the blockchain space. The Stockchain Global platform, while easy to use, allows for the execution of these functions and others in a much faster, more widespread, more cost effective, and more secure manner than ever before.

Rates and Bonuses
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Name Position Links
Joe Martin CMO
Ben Beasley CEO
Eric Vogeler COO
Jonathan Feinauer CTO

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