Sphinks Token is a decentralized stablecoin project with no reliance on traditional systems and trusted third-parties. It initially pegs to the USD, though has the capability to transition to a new form of a stable system that has no susceptibility to hyper-inflation or reliance on underlying commodities. The project focuses on harnessing open and decentralized technologies to provide user-friendly monetary systems with next-gen features. It aims to provide private accounts and transactions, smart contracts, fee-less and near-instant transactions, zero reliance on traditional systems and trusted third-parties, high-throughput for global merchant and consumer adoption and a decentralized exchange with negligible exchange fees.


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  • Matthew Robson
  • Founder-CEO
  • Harut Grigoryan
  • Programmer
  • Aaron Myers
  • Business adviser
  • Bree Collison
  • Marketing adviser
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2019-08-10 | 2020-06-27
Token SKFT
Price 1 SKFT = 0.1 USD
Platform NEM
Category Banking , CryptoCurrency , smart-contract