Sound Legends is a global music company with a presence in all 194 countries. The Company provides services for independent musicians who want to distribute, protect and publish their music but lack the tools and resources to accomplish their goals.


  • Details
  • Sound Legends platform features integrated and automated proprietary technology capable of marketing, distributing, and capitalizing on the content created by independent musicians on a global scale. Their content is published worldwide on a wide variety of digital outlets such as Spotify, iTunes and 150 others, where listeners can access the music of Sound Legends clients. In addition to digital distribution services, Sound Legends also provides a comprehensive suite of services including royalty protection through global publishing, worldwide featured artist exposure within a 195 international portals and an automated copyright submittal service on the platform.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Private Sale: 50% discount Public Sale - first 48 hours: 20% discount Public Sale - next 48 hours: 10% discount Public Sale - remainer of Public Sale period: 0% discount
  • Distribution
  • 42% - Private & Public Sale 20% - Airdrop 18% - Reserved 10% - Staff & Contributors 10% - Prizes for Sound Legends Game


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  • Alex Malagon
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  • Gregory Smith
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  • Bart Siegel
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  • Ricardo Porven
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2018-11-15 | 2019-01-15
Token SLC
Price 1 SLC = 0.1 USD
Soft cap5000000
Hard cap35000000
Category Art & Music

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