Solve care is a company based in Estoniathat has built its platform using Ethereum. Company happen to share many token for the health and other programs that helps lifespan. It’s a foundation that works on this platform and offers improvised care globally without cost of duplication, disorganization, discards, exploitation and scams from the system.

ERC20 token or can, both the same thing, are the token issue by solve care foundation. Value of this token is 0.1USD, globally usually catering to healthcare and drugs. This company has created fixed no of token which will be sold for design purpose and leftovers will be burned and not misused or channelized anywhere else. This issued token supports many block chain based tool available on this platform. The very purpose of this token is to pay for the particular platform license. Any transaction made on this platform can be paid by this token. If anyone is willing to buy care coins they can also use these token. Apart from just buying services if one is interested in joining care community or product management council, these issued token comes handy.

These tokens are issued for limited time period for pre-sale and sales. Total no of issued token are 350M and a part of which is offered of sales. 180M tokens are reserved for the team &     150M reserved for growth and acquisition. 90M alone are issued for long term foundation planning and 30M are for sales expenses. Things to remember the purchase of can token sales are available only to whitelist candidates.


Name Position Links
Pradeep GoelChief Executive Officer Add me on LinkedIn
Vadym VorobiovChief Technology Officer Add me on LinkedIn
Dr. David Randall, Ph.D.Senior Policy Advisor
Karen L. BowlingStrategic Advisor
The Honorable James MoranStrategic Advisor
Paul BrubakerStrategic Advisor Add me on LinkedIn
Jack FriouStrategic Advisor Add me on LinkedIn
Chris PetersenStrategic Advisor Add me on LinkedIn
Donald UpsonStrategic Advisor Add me on LinkedIn
David DrakeAdvisor Add me on LinkedIn
Kostya GrygoryevAdvisor Add me on LinkedIn
Artem AfianAdvisor Add me on LinkedIn
Andrey ZamovskiyAdvisor Add me on LinkedIn
Ilia KenigshteinAdvisor Add me on LinkedIn

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