User friendly application and secure trade is the main aim for Solomon Exchange. In addition to that we are also allowing users to exchange their cryptocurrency into fiat currencies and bank settlement through Identity verification system. Buying/Selling your choice of cryptocurrency instantly and securely as Solomon Exchange is backed by strong algorithmic mechanism to give users a choice among best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. With Solomon Exchange, access and security are the new factors and will become the unique standard because we at Solomon Exchange believe everyone should have global access to top trading and top ranking crypto currencies.

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    Solomon Exchange is going to launch its own ICO known as SMNX ICO and will provide a platform for users to buy or sell their choice of cryptocurrency safe and securely. Their instant transaction and exchange process makes Solomon exchange ICO one of the best in this field of currency exchange. The Solomon Exchange ICO token sale will be starting from 28th august and is one of the most anticipated digital currency exchange program. The first three days will be reserved for discounts of up to 20% for early contributors. At SMNX ICO their main aim will be to provide the best possible trading platform for clients to carry forward their currency exchange program without any security risks. Their unique expertise in the field of virtual currency exchange will supply the necessary steps required for ensuring the absolute security and access to global crypto currency such as bitcoins. SMNX ICO has been hailed as the best upcoming ICO in the market which is backed by bitcoin and ethereum community. Order your first purchase to be eligible to become a part of the upcoming ICO that is trending as first ranking new ICO in the currency exchange market.
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    Token SMNX
    Platform Ethereum
    Price in ICO 1.0000 USD


    First 3 days 20%
    Next 7 days 15%
    Next 7 days 10%
    Tokens for sale 9,000,000

    Investment info

    Accepting BTC, ETH
    Raised Unknown


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  • Jessica Mc'Carty
  • UI-UX Designer
  • Paul Daniels
  • Codex Developer
  • Andy Williams
  • Project Manager
  • Taylor Wales
  • Beta Tester
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Token SMNX
Price 1.0000 USD
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingBTC, ETH
CountryVirgin Islands
Category CryptoCurrency
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