Solarstake is an asset-backed token where each token represents 1 watt of installed and revenue generating solar power. Net revenues from operation are reinvested into building out new solar installations, at which point additional Solarstake tokens are minted and distributed to existing tokenholders proportional to their holdings, thus retaining the 1 token = 1 watt relationship. Solarstake is unique in the space in that tokenholders have a real ownership stake in the underlying business, backed by an already built solar installation with a stable, 25 year fixed power purchase agreement. Funds raised are purely for expansion of this operating, profitable, low risk electric utility business.


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  • Gary Brooks
  • Project Lead
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  • Richard Mcclary
  • Technical Lead
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  • Alex Karpinski
  • Technical Consultant
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  • Andrew Fornes
  • Business Development Lead
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  • Ugo Nwagwu
  • Finance Lead
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Price$ 1.00
Minimum investment100 USD
Hard cap$ 125.00M
Restricted areasNone
Category CryptoCurrency , Energy & Utilities , Investment
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    1 thought on “SolarStake”

    1. Matthew says:

      SolarStake is a scam, it’s based on products that don’t exist like their 796kW showcase solar farm.

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