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Social Wallet is currently a fully functioning platform that allows cryptocurrency to be sent over traditional social media. WIRE is our utility token that facilitates the functionality of our platform. Think Binance Coin’s utility where the transaction fee is paid in WIRE tokens. Wire will also be the first token listed on the platform that can be sent across social media. Essentially we are an exchange who can list any crypto currency it desires on our platform instantly giving the access to send their native cryptocurrency over social media. As of right now, we have Facebook, Twitter, and all email providers integrated. In the first 12 months we will have integrated 14 of the top social networks in the world. Within our platform, we have created a “Zero Knowledge Recipient.” This means a user can send to a person on social media and the recipient doesn’t need any prior knowledge the transaction has occurred nor a wallet pre-downloaded. The user is notified on their social media account that crypto has been sent to them. They click on the link to accept and our platform/wallet populates immediately and the tokens are already in their wallet. Both the universally integrated social media platform and the “Zero Knowledge Recipient” protocol has not been achieved in crypto until now.

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    MasternodesWIRE fosters a decentralized and worldwide network by utilizing staking and masternode implementation. Token holders can earn network rewards (token minting) by keeping their wallets open and staking or by using 35,000 WIRE tokens for collateral and creation of a masternode. Privacy Security and Privacy were a top priority in the creation of the WIRE token. Coin mixing and ZeroCoin protocols have been integrated into WIRE. Both of these features allow for transaction mixing, anonymous sending and freedom from prying eyes. Earn Program Linking your personal social media account to the Social Wallet platform will engage the EARN feature. Social Wallet will maintain a consistent media presence across all social networks. Social Wallet posts will be visible on the platform creating an opportunity for users to acquire WIRE token simply for Liking, Sharing, Retweeting, or Commenting on the company's posts. Debit Card Social Wallet has entered into an agreement with 3rd party debit card provider. All users on our platform will have the opportunity to own a Social Wallet Debit Card. Our debit card’s end user functionality will be indistinguishable from legacy bank debit cards. Convert many of your ERC20 tokens into payment options for everyday purchases.
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    Price in ICO0.1500 USD


    Feb 28th - March 13th15%
    Mar 14th - Mar 27th10%
    Mar 28th - Apr 10th5%
    Tokens for sale187,500,000

    Investment info

    Min. investment100 USD
    AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC, Steem, SBD
    Distributed in ICO75%
    Hard cap28,125,000 USD


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  • Jack Brown
  • Social Wallet Inc CEO
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  • Ken DiCross
  • Social Wallet Inc CFO
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  • David Hunter
  • Social Wallet Inc COO
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  • Luke Shepard
  • Social Wallet Inc CIO, Lead Developer
  • Daniel Wilson
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Jon Leibham
  • UX/UI Developer
  • Kate Miller
  • Social Media Manager
  • Christopher Homer
  • Communications Associate
  • Justin Day
  • Marketing Manager
  • Shawn Stone
  • Head of Community
  • Chuck Yang
  • International Relations Advisor
  • Tom Cheung
  • International Relations Advisor
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  • Randolph Barr
  • Aryaka Networks CISO Advisor
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  • Barbara Arellano
  • Google Finance Analyst Advisor
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  • Ricardo Ferreira
  • BuildTeam CEO Advisor
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  • Gary Sevounts
  • Aryaka Networks CMO Advisor
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Price0.1500 USD
AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC, Steem, SBD
Minimum investment100 USD
Hard cap28,125,000 USD
CountryUnited States
Restricted areasOpen to USA. Anyone who successfully passes KYC can purchase.
Category Banking , Business services , charity , Communications , Events & Entertainment , Media
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