SmartHealthcare (PreICO)

SmartHealthcareToday is the first person-centric decentralized healthcare eco-system integrating and processing health related data collected from different data sources. What is the problem? Currently people usually visit doctors when they already have problems with their health. Hospitals also face different problems such as lack of resources and information about patients. Our solution. We provide dynamic integration process for healthcare data collected directly from person (Peronal Health Records) and differnet hospitals (Electronic Health Records). Data collection is followed by data processing in the context of cross-organizational porcessses with the help of Ethereum smart contracts. Person has a better overview about his current health status and can easily send collected data for anonimous analysis performed by AI that results in different notifications. Also we connect doctors to create personalized guidelines for individuals. Stakeholders interested in anonimous medical data for researches are also part of the eco system and can buy data directly from the individuals. SHT tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain and are used as internal currency in the eco-system.

  • Details
  • We are addressing existing problems with integration of healthcare information from Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Personal Health Records (PHR) systems because of structural and semantic heterogeneity. Existing ways of PHR- and EHR collection include harvesting medical and individual data from different data sources that store different medical, not standardized data. Such a heterogeneity increases the complexity of merging PHR and EHR and lack of qualitative trust between contracting parties. On the other hand, blockchains are inherently resistant to modification of the data and are secure by design. We focus on the integration process as a main aspect for solving the heterogeneity issue. Thereby, we aim at reducing the merging complexity by defining the requirements for PHR data collection and creating an ontology for a semantically sound data-set merger for personal-centric healthcare systems and we evaluate the results with formal means. To enable trust in decentralized sociotechnical healthcare system we use Ethereum smart contracts on top of the blockchain as a communication way in the context of multi-agent system.
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  • Token info

    Token SHC
    Platform Ethereum
    Type ERC20
    PreICO price 1000 SHC = 0.05 ETH
    Price in ICO 1000 SHC = 0.25 - 0.6 ETH

    Investment info

    Accepting ETH


  • Name
  • Position
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  • Dmitri Nogin
  • Irina Kljukas
  • Andrei Sviridenko
  • Lead Software Architect
  • Aleksandr Kormiltsyn
  • Scientific researcher
  • Ignas NIkolajev
  • Lead e-Health specialist
  • Vadim Nesmashnov
  • Lead backend specialist
  • Philip Sorin
  • Lead UI specialist
  • Ekaterina Iakovenkova
  • UI/UX specialist / Graphical designer
  • Jelena Ljalik
  • Quality assurance specialist
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Token SHC
PreICO Price1000 SHC = 0.05 ETH
Price 1000 SHC = 0.25 - 0.6 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Category Artificial Intelligence , Drugs & Healthcare , Health
Total Supply 60,000,000

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