Smart valley is a powerful tool for project assessment that trades on ethereum platform. Smart Valley accepts payment using ETH and BTC. The token price will trade at 1SVT=0.1USD. The minimum investment amount accepted on the platform is 1USD. The Switzerland based technology accepts payment from consumers globally with no limitation of countries to invest

Smart valley applies blockchain technology and this ensures projects are evaluated by banking on a unique automated solution. This will mean that expert, as well as community members, will vote for the solution to be applied in the system. The latter ensures that the whole of the smart system is decentralized and provides the multidimensional assessment.

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  • Assessment in the system will apply to ten methods. Some of the common methods include financial potential, blockchain functionality and legal aspects. After the assessment process expert –in the smart valley system will eliminate the potential risks with investment. They will do away with scam ideas/ projects with the highest rated projects being published on the smart valley platform.
    Investors will in the system have a pool of top rated projects and they will choose the project to invest in. To do the latter they will need to purchase smart valley tokens and a roadmap will be displayed in the system of how their money is spent. Token trading will be by use of built-in digital exchange platform. To guarantee users –investors, experts and founders security within the system, the smart valley will deploy the use of blockchain and smart contract and ensure there are transparency security and scalability in the smart city system.


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  • Konstantin Zhukov
  • Senior software developer
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  • Maksim Guryev
  • QA engineer
  • Maksim Zakharov
  • cloud application development
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  • Andrey Denisyuk
  • Project manager
  • Eugene Fedorov
  • Blockchain and fullstack developer
  • Alexey Voronin
  • Founder
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  • Alexander Ruchiov
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  • Vladimir Zhiganov
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  • Sergey Ruchiov
  • Valentin Livkin
  • CTO
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  • Vladimir Marinovich
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  • Vladimir Manzyuk
  • System analyst
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  • Vadim Chupin
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Token SVT
Price 1 SVT = 0.1 USD
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingETH, BTC
Minimum investment1 USD
Soft cap3000000 USD
Hard cap30000000 USD
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply 408,000,000
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