Simdaq is one ecosystem that has a social platform, a set of tools, and a virtual marketplace. An internal currency is quintessential for the working of such an ecosystem in an efficient way to make it understandable and also because of simple interactions between participants. In Simdaq ecosystem, SMQ tokens that were issued at the time of the ICO were used. As the tokens are released, they are added to several cryptocurrency exchanges. It allows the members of the community to sell the tokens they have earned all the time, thereby completing the circle of circulation of tokens efficiently.

Procedure for using SMQ token:
The whole Simdaq ecosystem will accept SMQ as the only method of payment. So, within the system, the demand for SMQ remains. Just as ETH is needed for the execution of smart contracts, SMQ is required from platform operations in Simdaq.

Simdaq can also be exchanged with several other currencies in vogue in the market. As user involvement increases, SMQ demand also grows. After gaining experience, the user starts taking an interest in Simdaq Marketplace content, and he makes his content. Then extra SMQ is required for backtesting. This model develops the economy within the project as involvement level of the user, and SMQ demand grow.


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  • Evgenii Dubovoi
  • Evgenii Dubovoi
  • Vladimir Levitin
  • Partner, Marketing and User Engagement
  • Alexander Usikov
  • Alexander Usikov
  • Saveliy Bobov
  • UX and Art Direction
  • UX and Art Direction
  • Analytics
  • Yaroslav Levichev
  • Community and Partnership
Trade Token on Bitcratic


Token SMDQ
Price 1 SMDQ = 0.5 USD
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, WAVES, BCH, Fiat
Soft cap500,000 USD
Hard cap5,000,000 USD
Restricted areas $5,000,000
Category Business services
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