Signal is a digital platform that aims to democratize machine intelligence. The use of blockchain technology incorporation with computation power and data knowledge will aim to increase trading profit to the crypto miners. The latter will be done by availing the necessary tools to crack the difficult crypto trading algorithms. Signal members will not need deep programming skills to crack most of the crypto puzzles but will bank on signal technical analysis and the top-notch machines learning techniques

Signal tokens will be bases on ethereum blockchain platform and the same will be used to facilitate payment on the platform. The platform will be easy to use and will contain several marketplaces where one can input data, indicators and strategies which will further be automated into a trading strategy by the use of the signal strategy builder. To fast track the process there will be the use of the use of the visual building tool-python.

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  • The signal strategy builder will have advanced charting features and will incorporate the use of backdating and genetic algorithms. Other features of the strategy builder will include the encompass complex supercomputer experimentation. The minimum transaction amount on the platform will be 0.1ETH and the technology is based in the UK with no limitation to the countries that will invest in the same. 1 ETH =$1000=3195.93 SGN. Within the system, once you will be certain with your trading model, you will generate quality and informed decision which will be and you will just need to automate the process to make a profit.


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  • Pavel Němec
  • CEO & Co-founder
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  • Pavel Volek
  • CTO & Co-founder
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  • Jan Budík
  • Algorithmic Trading Expert
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  • Zdeňka Šeděnka
  • Data Scientist
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  • Michal Krajňanský
  • Machine Learning Specialist
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  • Josef Jelacic
  • Smart Contract Developer
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  • Matouš Roskovec
  • Head of Growth Marketing
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  • Jaroslav Šeděnka
  • Cryptography and Security Expert
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  • Martin Solárik
  • Backend Developer
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Platform Ethereum
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply 75,000,000
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