A new technology related to investment fund that utilises cutting-edge Machine Learning strategies is being called Sharpe capital. Based on Ethereum platform it analyses crowd-sourcing sentiments and payments are automatically issued to token holders recording investment on the blockchain. Sharpe Capital is the Fintech business that bridges gap between traditional and crypto finance. By sharing predictions on the stock market and blockchain assets one can earn monthly payments in Ether. Sharpe Platform creates an environment that allows retail investors to earn a fair income just for their insights. They maintain a low risk profile with the help of better technology used. Institutions use this data to increase the competitive edge in the market. With mathematical modelling and making good use of prediction data Sharpe Capital technology is trying to manage diversified investment portfolio. There are different modelling techniques that are used by Sharpe technology to improve consumer satisfaction criteria.

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  • Artificial Neural Network – with the help of artificial neural network, the technology creates self-learning models to study predictive patterns.
    Fundamental analysis- models strictly based on fundamental data is one criterion that makes the fundamental of this technology strong.
    Network clustering –to maintain a well- balanced  and diversified portfolio all the time the network has some very complex and clustering algorithms and techniques. This ensures a strong and glitch free networking.
    Natural language processing – integration with popular media outlets and social media sites constantly monitors market sentiment in real-time.
    All these techniques are used to analyse and predict the future of finance and market from ‘the crowd’.


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  • Lewis M. Barber
  • Co-founder & CEO
  • James A. Butler, PhD
  • Co-founder & CIO
  • Ali Javed Darugar, LLB, LLM
  • Legal Counsel
  • German Leonov, PhD Ayami
  • Advisor Quantitative Modelling Expert
  • Lexi Gao, GDL, LLM
  • International Legal Advisor
  • Mieke Vandenbroucke, MA, PhD
  • Advisor Linguistic Anthropologist
  • Jonas Sevel Karlberg
  • Commercial Advisor & TGE Specialist
Trade Token on Bitcratic
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply130,000,000
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    8 thoughts on “Sharpe Capital (SHP)”

    1. awesome ICO can’t wait to see how it further develops

    2. Best platform awesome promising features
      Parent company of coin metro is FX PIG based in NZ. team is very hardworking and enthusiastic.

    3. Night Trader says:

      Absolutely love it can not wait to see the app!

    4. Alan C says:

      Great team! Very responsive support team. Impressive project. Looking forward to the future of meratip.

    5. Amazing transaction speed with active and responsive team!

    6. Diederik says:

      good team is behind it! can not wait for the app to come out soon!!

    7. Yasir says:

      Is there still a way to buy tokens

    8. Interesting ICO! Can’t wait to see the future of this coin

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