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Inserviss platform

In the ICO website, Setcoin is a digital marketplace that aims to connect customers and service providers.

In Inserviss, service providers are allowed to create profiles and publish the services they provide, along with prices. They are also allowed to schedule working hours, manage orders, track revenue and carry out campaigns for loyalty and promotion. Consumers are free to give their feedbacks. The benefits of consumers are also many. With Setcoin, they can easily find services in their locality, research through the profiles of service providers, book the time and order services online. Payment of services can also be made online on this platform.

Between customers and service providers, payment can only be made in the form of tokens.

Setcoin in coin market is a verified cryptocurrency operating on blockchain technology. Inserviss issues it as a mode of payment between customers and service providers.

Setcoin Blockchain

Red Belly Blockchain Consensus, the fastest in the market, will be in the heart of Setcoin Blockchain. In one second, RBBC has the capacity of processing 666,000 transactions. In VISA’s network, 56,000 transactions can take place in one second. In Bitcoin network, only seven transactions can be performed within a second.

Quick off-chain transactions will be done without any commission.


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  • ​​Igor​​ Perepelychnyy
  • CEO and Founder
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  • Elena ​​Perepelychnaya
  • Chief ​​Creative ​​Officer​​ & ​​Co-Founder
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  • Rakesh Moturi
  • CTO Chief Technical Officer/Blockchain Architect
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  • Cecilia Yao
  • Product Designer
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  • Justin Jackson
  • UI Designer
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Price 5 SET = 1 USD
Country USA
Category Communications
Total Supply20,000,000
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