Savior token is an ICO platform that promises excellent scopes of success to its users. The business plan of Savior Token is wise and ample research has been done before the creation of this unique platform. The most advanced technology, the smart contracts of Etheum and the Blockchain technology comprise the backbone of this novel platform. So, everything over is automated.

The growth of coin worth is guaranteed

If at present, you purchase 100 SAVi tokens as per 1 Ethereum, they promise you that in the coming year it will become 10 coins in Ethereum for 100 SAVI tokens. So, there are ample financial reasons for trading in SAVI tokens. Another interesting point is that every month, 5% of the profit is reinvested by them.

Investment risk is lowest

Their experienced team makes investments in several startups and manages several portfolios efficiently. They invest in profitable online businesses for getting maximum profit and therefore, little risks are maintained by them.

In case Soft Cap is not reached, the refund is made.

In case the Soft Cap can’t be reached, their smart contract refunds the SAVI coins bought by them. So, the investments become more intelligent as well as logical. They intend to offer an independent marketplace running on Ethereum where all transactions will be recorded.

Trade Token on Bitcratic


Platform Ethereum
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply 100,000,000

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