The royal capital fund is a tokenized investment fund, which operates on the blockchain network. A single token will trade at a price of $0.95-1 USD. The Royal Capital Fund is located in Russia and will accept payment using BTC, ETH $WAVES cryptocurrencies. There is no limitation to members of different countries to apply for the Royall Capital Fund

The goal of the Royal Capital Fund is to use /apply technology to create a financial cooperation that will standardize tokens that will act as a new type of financial instrument and facilitate the transaction on the financial market.  The users of the system will be able to source for capital regardless of their location still get access to the capital market where they will trade.

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  • Some of the Royal Capital Fund activities that will act as an aid to trade in their platform will include the organization and support of ICO, mergers and acquisition activities. Other activities will be focused on the development of infrastructure that will be privy for the purchase of tokens in their system. Sources of funds in the platform will emancipate from profit gained in the investment projects. Earnings from the fund's management commission, commission earned from the purchase and sale of the tokens and money earned on advisory fee.
    The exchange of traded funds in the system will be hastened by the ease of trading and accounting process that the platform will apply. There will be the aces of international markets and this will form standard brokerage accounts. Definitely, the application of blockchain will guarantee security while exchanging traded funds.


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  • Karpachev Dmitry
  • CEO
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PreICO Price0.8 USD
Price 0.95 - 1 USD
Platform Waves
AcceptingBTC, ETH, WAVES
Category Finance
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