Pulsar Venture Capitalist is a blockchain system that is been created to fund companies that are in need of it. Buying a Pulsar venture token makes you a part of this company and since this company’s basic task is to invest in other companies, investing in them means you are investing in a lot of companies.  Pulsar investment focus is to channel their fund to over 29 of the best start-up in Ireland, Eastern Europe and Ireland. And because of the kind of achievement that they have been able to make, they have been recognized by UBI Global which ranked them as the number one acceleration program in the whole of Russia.

Pulsar runs basically on ethereum platform, and to invest in the Tokens you can only make payments using BTC and ETH.  The pulsar venture token is denoted with PVC.  One of the things that would make you appreciate the value of the PVC,is that the equivalent of one PVC token is 1USD.

  • Details
  • Pulsar Venture Capital launched its coin initial offering on the 13th of November 2017, and the date the offer goes off the table is 13th of may 2018. Investing in PVC isn’t something you should contemplate about as PVC have one of the best advisor working with top companies like 500 start-up and even Google.
    Pulsar venture home is located in the Isle of man and the use of the token for transactional purposes is not restricted in any part of the world.


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  • Position
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  • Pavel Korolev
  • Managing Partner, Founder
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  • Leonard Grayver
  • Partner
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  • Alexander Savchenkov
  • Partner
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  • Yuri Rabinovich
  • Partner
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  • Dmitry Shaposhnikov
  • Investment Director, Head Acceleration Program
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  • Sergei Mitrofanov
  • Investment Director, Portfolio Business Development and Branding
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  • Ilia Karas
  • Investment Director, Portfolio Product Development
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  • Gadir Shiraliyev
  • Investment Director, IR & Corporate Relationships
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  • Ivan Drobyshev
  • Head of PR and Marketing
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Token PVC
Price 1 PVC = 1 USD
Platform Ethereum
Accepting BTC, ETH
Country Isle of Man
Category Trading & Investing
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