The Prosense is one of the popular decentralized platforms for the distribution of VR content. It is built on the Ethereum platform by using the blockchain technology. It has the inbuilt payment mechanism. With the help of the blockchain technology, the copyright protection, payment, content providers and others are guaranteed. The category of the token is gaming and VR. The token sale starting date is November 2017 and ending date is December 2017. This token support the VR filed feature development with the Prosense live streaming platform implementation.

The Prosense token is specially created to solve the existing flaws in the business which used to the video content. The Initial Prosense token price is $0.1000. The Prosense Company is located in Russian Federation. It accepts the different currencies such as BTC, ETH, and others. The restricted country of the Prosense token is the united state. It offers the huge range of the VR broadcasting services such as unique software for maintaining the quality content, custom filming tools, and others.

  • Details
  • The platform allows VR content manufacturer to deliver the high-quality content to viewers in the real time. It is the first VR platforms for P2P live streaming that access by the huge range of the people. The users will able to access the professional content such as concerts, live sport games broadcasts, and others. The Prosense token is used for amateur VR content and professional VR content such as shows, amateur events, adult content, sports events and others.
  • Distribution
  • Public Sale 432,000,000 VRP 60.00%
    Advisors and Early Backers 129,600,000 VRP 18.00%
    Team 86,400,000 VRP 12.00%
    Reserve 72,000,000 VRP 10.00%


  • Name
  • Position
  • Links
  • Stanislav Glukhoedov
  • CEO and Co-founder, VR Evangelist
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  • Vladimir Bakuteev
  • Co-founder
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  • Grigory Vasinkevich
  • Co-founder
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  • Nataliya Kopylova
  • Co-founder
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  • Leonard Dick
  • Director of Strategic Partnerships
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  • Roberto Pagano
  • Director, Mobile Netrwork Operators and pay TV service providers
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  • Andy Hooper
  • Director of Cloud Solutions and Services
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  • Tobias Neumann
  • Business Development Director for Western Europe and the Near East
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  • Denis Ivanov
  • R&D Executive Director
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  • Evgeny Timko
  • Director of IR
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  • Anar Babaev
  • CMO
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  • Stanislav Kolesnik
  • Head of engineering department
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  • Ivan Gavrenkov
  • Head of content production department
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  • Scott Ross
  • Advisor (CEO at Digital Domain, Vice President at LucasFilm, Advisory Board at Magic Leap, Lenovo)
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  • Michael Terpin
  • Advisor (CEO of Transform Group, chairman BitAngels)
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  • Nick Evdokimov
  • Advisor (Founder of Cryptonomos)
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  • Moe Levin
  • Advisor (CEO of Keynote)
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  • Katrina Arden
  • Advisor (Founder of Blockchain Law Group)
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  • Andrey Kirilenko
  • Advisor (President of the Russian Federation of Basketball)
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  • Ross Ivett
  • Advisor (CEO and Founder at REI Consulting)
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Token VRP
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingBTC, ETH and others
Category Events & Entertainment , Gaming & VR
Total Supply 720,000,000
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