PronCoin, in ICO calendar, is a problem solver. They decentralize the entire system and avoid payment through banks, credit cards and also change back. These three are listed in the list of ICOs as the three most dangerous problems in the current online industry. It would be challenging to pay all users for their contribution to the adult community with current modes of payment. Each user needs to maintain a contract with the involved company, all of them having different options for payment. Some companies do not accept payment from transactions like PayPal. So, making payment in Pron tokens and directly sending the money to the wallet is convenient and fast. Smart contracts will handle all payments automatically via token sales, avoiding confusion and allowing transparency. You will be free to decide where and how to utilize that money.

The most significant profit is that all customers can earn PronCoins and make money on this platform during the token sale. The last solution that they offer is protecting customers of adult platforms. So, if you become the member of one site, few other sites will be open to you. Like present times, hidden charges will not be there in the new system introduced by PronCoin. So, smart contracts will address all these problems and eradicate them.


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  • Zoran Rehar
  • CEO, Business Development & Marketing Specialist
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  • Junior Presezniak
  • Senior Developer / Data Specialist
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Token PRON
Platform Ethereum
Country UK
Category Events & Entertainment

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