PRASM Token encourages participants to make contributions actively to the network. That is to say, a participant contributes to the PRASM
network with the bioinformation from his or her body and receives tokens as reward for it.

Based on the user’s bioinformation, PRASM recommends life styles that are customized for better physical and mental states. Users can purchase a variety of goods that suit their needs from the PRASM platform.

Based on the user’s bioinformation, PRASM will inform him of additional wellness checkups, if needed. If the user needs additional checkups, the PRASM platform can offer him the service.

Participants can identify the right wellness services for their needs on the PRASM platform. The wellness services are face-to- face services but can facilitate long distance capabilities. The service providers can participate in the PRASM network and offer their services.

  • Rates and Bonuses
    • 1000-3000 ETH - 5% (all period)
    • 3000-5000 ETH - 7% (all period)
    • 5000 ETH - 10% (all period)
    • Pre-ICO - 10%
    • Early bird sale (04-10 June) - 5%
  • Distribution
    • 50% - token sale
    • 26% - marketing and strategy
    • 14% - members and advisors
    • 10% - reserve
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Token PRSM
PreICO Price1 Token = 0.000014 ETH
Price 1 Token = 0.000014 ETH
Platform Ethereum
Category Business services
Total Supply 2,000,000,000

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