Leveraging the power of Blockchain technology and Ethereum smart contracts, Poly Swarm is the world’s first decentralized antivirus marketplace.  This is a cutting- edge eco- system that is designed and developed by the seasoned and neat- handed team of professionals that ensures top-notch security of the system from any malicious attack.

The notable features of PolySwarm:

  • As the technology is augmenting likewise the chance of cybercrime is increasing. According to the research and statistics, the cybercrime is expected to double in 2021. In such scenario, PolySwarm will prove effective to prevent all malicious attack.
  • Polyswarm market is fuelled by Nectar, a token easy to submit and classify potential threats on the market. Nectar replaces traditional lump anti-virus and threat scanning subscription payments that are inefficiently distributed to a single vendor that doesn’t cover your variety of threats well.

The PolySwarm ecosystem incentivizes what matters most: quality output of malintent detection. It rewards honest market participation through collection and distribution of fees to value-adding, active security experts.


Name Position Links
Steve BassiCEO, Developer, Founder Add me on LinkedIn
Ben SchmidtDirector Of Product Security, Developer, Co-founder Add me on LinkedIn Follow me on Twitter
Nick DavisCOO, Developer, Co-founder Add me on LinkedIn
Max KooSenior Backend Developer, Co-founder Add me on LinkedIn
Adrian EscudeCMO Add me on LinkedIn Follow me on Twitter
Bill FehrVP Of Growth & Partnership Add me on LinkedIn
Jessica ThiefelsCommunity Manager Add me on LinkedIn

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