PM7 is a platform which pretends with the newly promoted legal marketing services. This platform will get decentralized as per the featured concept. The major objective of PM7 is to make a fundamental change in the advertising world. That is through the e-marketing process by means of online and even it will include the offline projects. As like the platform the token name is referred as PM7 and it has the live token value of  1 PM7= 0.05 USD.

PM7 platform focus on to provide the direct dealership of the customers who make use of the improved implementation of the projects makers. There is no need for any mediation of advertising, marketing, and PR agencies. This will get totally avoided on this technique. Instead of that, the entire users are completely allowed to produce the advanced technologies and process. The upcoming progress of PM7 is inventing next generation of data. They also allow the users to buy some other project’s token on the basis of the payment of the belonging methods. Customers who made to publish cryptocurrency will get benefits from their website. Similarly, if the users consist of various types of currencies means they are freely allowed to store it in their wallet without any limitations.

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  • With the introduction of the roadmap 2018, they permit the customers to build their accessible exchange parameter. There the one who wants to trade and sale any type of operations are treated with the best process and segments.  PM7 incorporates the secured constrain services.


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  • Sergiy Krokhmal
  • Co-founder, CEO
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  • Dominic Melo
  • Co-founder, Financial Expert
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  • Vadym Yevtushenko
  • Co-founder, CTO
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  • Nataliia Zaitseva
  • Operations Manager, Full Stack Developer
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  • Danil Krokhmal
  • Full Stack Developer
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  • Nick Kazakov
  • Blockchain Developer, Java Developer
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  • Alexander Mokrousov
  • Blockchain Developer, Java, Scala Developer
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  • Maxim Ovcharenko
  • IT infrastructure Engineer, UNIX Architect, Dev-Ops Engineer, Python Developer
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  • Kirill Mukha
  • Mobile Developer
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  • Alex Mashkov
  • Legal expert
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Trade Token on Bitcratic
Token PM7
Price 1 PM7 = 0.05 USD
Platform Ethereum
Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC, Fiat
Hard cap 12500000 USD
Category Business services
Total Supply 500,000,000
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