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Pinkdate is a revolutionary Blockchain based platform that will change the landscape of escort industry. It is the world’s first anonymously-operated, world-wide escorting service that combines screening, booking, and payment in a single platform which ensures safety, convenience, peace of mind, and reduced costs. As there is plenty of risk associated with such industry and multiple steps need to adopt to ensure security. With elegant solution and secure booking system, Pinkdate provides an exceptional platform to users.

The notable features of Pinkdate:

  • Elegant interface with Tinder-like swipe capabilities and engagement driving characteristics.
  • Client and escort screening/verification system.
  • Internal network uses authenticated (unlisted) Tor hidden services and data encryption for enhanced privacy and security.
  • “Instant Book” and “Request to Book” appointment scheduling forclients.
  • Payments accepted in cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin, Ether, Monero) and cash.

  • Details
  • PinkDate is the first anonymously-operated, world-wide escorting service that combines screening, booking, and payment in a single platform.We offer an enhanced companionship experience to trusted clients and verified escorts who value discrete, secure transactions. Unlike our competitors, we provide a single meeting place for screening and planning a date. This allows us to offer safety, convenience, peace of mind, and reduced costs.Escorting is a high-risk profession containing many inefficient business practices. Multiple steps need to be taken by the client and provider in order to schedule a date and to provide security and discretion on both ends.PinkDate offers an elegant solution to this problem by providing search, screening, booking, and payment services into a secure, easy-to-use platform. The company is organized to avoid regulation by being extrajurisdictional, ensuring it can operate in any jurisdiction, even those cities and countries which are not friendly to the escort business in any region. By capturing 20% of each transaction on our platform, we anticipate that our run-rate will be $56M per year, based on the Gross Revenue in Month 36.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Token info

    PreICO price1 PDP = 0.147 USD
    Price in ICO1 PDP = 0.58 USD

    Investment info

    AcceptingBTC, ETH, XMR, BCH
    Soft cap5,000,000 USD
    Hard cap20,000,000 USD
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PreICO Price 1 PDP = 0.147 USD
Price1 PDP = 0.58 USD
Accepting BTC, ETH, XMR, BCH
Soft cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap 20,000,000 USD
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