Pingvalue is a blockchain organization with the main goal of making sure that business in every part of the world achieves the main purpose, objectives and function of their existence. This is done by making sure to employ the service of highly specialized team behind the pingvalue innovations to provide business with data needed to project any business into the next level of operations.

Pingvalue happens to be the exact solution needed at this kind of period where 90% of businesses usually fail within the first 6 months of being started.  Pingvalue is planning on reducing this percentage to the bear minimum with its blockchain backed innovation.

Pingvalue aims to guide the growth of a business through provision of training to employees, networking and also considering other external factors such as the industry competition and the environment of any business in providing a solution that can help to make sure business a success.

  • Details
  • Pingvalue coin token is hosted on the Etherum platform.  With a hard and soft cap of 30000000, 6000000 respectively, the Pingvalue (PCO) token is ready for high level of investment. To make an investment in PCO tokens, you need to be able to part ways with at least  €150. This investment comes with a bonus of 10-50% depending on the amount invested. This investment can only be made using any of these options (BTC / ETH / EUR (Paypal)).
      Pingvalue originates from Luxembourg and it is being restricted for spending in US and South Korean
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Pre-sale: bonus range from 10-50%
  • Distribution
  • 20% of the Tokens are issued to the foundation and founders. The distribution of these coins are as follows: 47%: Marketing; 22%: Technical costs; 17%: Staff; 8%: General and administrative; 5%: Capital expenditures.


  • Name
  • Position
  • Links
  • Luciano Scatorchia
  • CEO
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  • Jo Peeters
  • CFO
  • Jose Antonio Orallo Vuelta
  • Director
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  • Mario Recinella
  • Business Developer
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  • Ron van Casand
  • General Manager PV Holland
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Token PCO
Price 1 PCO = €0.0625
BonusPre-sale: bonus range from 10-50% (meet their Investor Relations desk)
Bounty Available
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingBTC / ETH / EUR (Paypal)
Minimum investment€ 150
Soft cap€ 6.000.000
Hard cap€ 30.000.000
Whitelist/KYCKYC process about 3 hours to confirm.
Restricted areas US and South Korean Citizens unless it is done through VPNs or Wallets outside USA and South Korea
Category Business services
Total Supply 600
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