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Pikcio coin is a blockchain innovation developed with the intention of ensuring that data and information are being sold, bought and transferred safely and speedily. Pikcio makes it possible for an individual, company or organization to have the ultimate power over the terms and condition pertaining to the distribution of their data and information. This makes it quite possible for faster exchange of data without the fear of your data being accessed by a third party application. Pikcio makes sure data is being certified, verified and also secured before it changes hand.

Pikcio also makes it possible for sharing of data and information to be profitable with monetary values being attached to it. With Pikcio you can easily share your data and information under a secure link available only to those who have paid to be able to access the information through the uniquely provided channel of exchange. This will help to totally eliminate the threat of authorized distribution of data and information that might hurt the downline of the provider of such data or information.

  • Details
  • Pikcio traded on the Etherum platform with a total supply capacity of 27,696,000. With leas than 10 days of Initial coin offering,  Pikcio token (PKC)  is valued against Etherum at 236PKC to one Etherum ( 1 ETH = 236 PKC).
     Pikcio originates from Switzerland.  The PKC token also does not have any restrictions in any part of the world. To make an investment in Pikcio, the accepted mean of payment is BTC and ETH.


  • Name
  • Position
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  • Didier Collin De Casaubon
  • Founder, CEO
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  • Fabien Bucamp
  • Co-Founder, CTO
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  • Jorick Lartigau
  • Co-Founder, Research
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  • Alizon König
  • Development
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  • Gonzague Grandval
  • Strategy
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  • Jean-Francois Lienart
  • Chief Sales Officer
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  • Cherie Arruda
  • Co-Founder, Plan & Audits
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  • Delphine Benat-Rassat
  • Operations
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Price1 ETH = 236 PKC
AcceptingETH, BTC
Soft cap7,500,000 EUR
Hard cap25,000,000 EUR
Category Data Analytics
Total Supply27,696,000
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