Peoplewave was born out of a deep frustration. Many smart and good people have become victims of corporate restructures, biased decision-making or been unfairly treated. The sad truth is that most managers are poorly trained in people management or have simply been thrust into these roles without guidance, mentoring or adequate support. At the same time, Human Resources teams often don’t play an active role in managing employees. The HR function has become overworked, compliance-driven and too focused on talent acquisition – not employee development and people management. Today, user data cannot be taken for granted due to the scandals we read in the papers. HR performance data is kept by your company and you should own it but don’t. Peoplewave was created to fix this. Launched in Singapore with a simple goal, to put people first in people management. We do this by championing transparency and data-driven decision-making through our onboarding, performance review and employee analytics products. Peoplewave has been named “Top 50 Most Promising Enterprise Start-ups in the Asia Pacific” by CIO Outlook Magazine and “Top 20 Hottest Startups 2018” by Singapore Business Review. Renowned ICO adviser, Simon Cocking has also joined the team in April 2018. Peoplewave will be rolling out a suite of blockchain ready products called Wavebase. a blockchain solution using a smart contract to tackle one of the greatest problems in HR – verifying an employee, their performance, their history and information across multiple companies, roles and managers.

Rates and Bonuses
ICO Bonus: Up to 75%to 95%
Crowdsale - 42% Management & Team - 25% Reserves - 24% Advisersr - 5% Bounty, Community & Growth - 4%


Name Position Links
Damien CummingsFounder & Chief Executive Officer Add me on LinkedIn
Phil AldridgeCo-Founder & Chief Technology Officer Add me on LinkedIn
Eugene LimChief Investment Officer Add me on LinkedIn
Micky LinVice President, Marketing Add me on LinkedIn
Yeng Wai LeongVice President, Product Management Add me on LinkedIn
Stephen WalkerVice President, Peoplewave Australia & New Zealand Add me on LinkedIn
Aurelia JessicaUX & Creative Lead Add me on LinkedIn
Jason ZhuoSales Director Add me on LinkedIn
Ariunaa EnkhamgalanDigital Marketing Executive Add me on LinkedIn
Shaun YimDigital Marketing Executive Add me on LinkedIn
Emerald Faye BagaresGeneral Manager, Philippines Add me on LinkedIn
Rosemale-John II VillacortaDevelopment Lead Add me on LinkedIn
Norbert FeriaProject Manager Add me on LinkedIn
Francis Claide MagallenDeveloper Add me on LinkedIn
Alvin CaralosDeveloper Add me on LinkedIn
Kszyr Ver CobradorDeveloper Add me on LinkedIn
Arthur YapDeveloper Add me on LinkedIn
Cj Ronxel Cabug-osDeveloper Add me on LinkedIn
Gemrald CalibaraQuality Assurance Analyst Add me on LinkedIn
Simon Cocking Renowned ICO Adviser Add me on LinkedIn
Mallika GadepalliAdviser, Human resouces Add me on LinkedIn
Philippa (Pip) Penfold Adviser, Human Resources Add me on LinkedIn
Sanjeeb Chaudhuri Adviser, Financial, Sales & Marketing Add me on LinkedIn
Rachel Huang Adviser, Sales & Marketing Add me on LinkedIn
Jay Pring Adviser, Sales & Marketing Add me on LinkedIn
Cameron Crawford Adviser, Legal Add me on LinkedIn
Jefrey GomezAdviser, Strategy Add me on LinkedIn


Token PWV
Price 1PWV = 0.00014518 ETH
Bounty Available
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingETH, BTC, Fiat
Minimum investment100 USD
Soft cap2,000,000 USD
Hard cap20,000,000 USD
Restricted areas USA, China
Category Business services
Total Supply 504,000,000

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