Pay rift (Restaurant management system) RMS is a blockchain technology that specializes in making sure that the hospitality, restaurant,  food and beverages industry runs a smooth business without experiencing any sort of glitch when it comes to seemless servicing of customers and dealing with merchants alike. So which ever setting or form a restaurant is taking, which might include; dine-in, scheduled dine-in, takeout, drive through, and delivery. Pay rift RMS is there to make the process of running the business almost automated and with pure ease.

Pay rift RMS give a restaurant owner all the tools required to run the business effectively through a unified platform in form of a highly robust APP that can be accessed at any time needed.  Payrift RMS also aims to change the game on how a restaurant interacts with its customers by making sure the customers needs are effectively documented in order to serve them better in the future and all times.

  • Details
  • Payrift RMS originated from the United states of America and it is powered through the Etherum platform with a valid benchmark against the USD. The current exchange rate of the Payrift RMS token to the USA is at 1 PYT = 0.75 USD. The minimum amount of investment that could be used to invest on buying the PYT token is $500, and the options accepted for payments are BTC, ETH, LTC, and Fiat.
    The Payrift RMS token also has no active restrictions in any part of the world.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Token info

    Token PYT
    Platform Ethereum
    Type ERC20
    PreICO price 1 PYT = 0.75 USD
    Tokens for sale 21,000,000

    Investment info

    Min. investment $500
    Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC, Fiat
    Distributed in ICO Dutch Auction
    Soft cap 2,500,000 USD
    Hard cap 10,000,000 USD


  • Name
  • Position
  • Links
  • Jack Daghlian
  • Multimedia production
  • Dario Bravo
  • Blockchain Adviser
  • Grant Fondo
  • Partner
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  • Mike Whalen
  • Partner
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  • Raza Noorani
  • CTO
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  • Aadil Keshwani
  • Lead Developer
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  • Dharmesh Pandya
  • Android Developer
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  • Mohit Dahiya
  • Developer
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  • Gaurav Gudaliya
  • Developer
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  • Azharhussain A Shaikh
  • Developer
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  • Mitesh Patel
  • iOS Developer
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  • Sadik Jamani
  • Developer
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  • Ravi Khunt
  • .NET Specialist
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  • Aliabbas Karim
  • Business Analyst
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  • Marv Kleinberg
  • Senior Partner
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  • David Weiss
  • Partner/IP Law
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  • John Mizerek
  • Founder
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Token PYT
PreICO Price1 PYT = 0.75 USD
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingBTC, ETH, LTC, Fiat
Minimum investment$500
Soft cap2,500,000 USD
Hard cap10,000,000 USD
Category Travel & Tourisim
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