Optitoken is a hyperdeflationary cryptocurrency, fueled by a 24/7 algorithmic trading portfolio of manually selected cryptocurrencies. The algorithm takes advantage of price swings among a select group of tokens, known as “The Basket,” made up of a variable number of coins deemed statistically or categorically undervalued. Optitoken’s trademark strategies of Buy Pressure and Strategic Scarcity create perfect conditions for price appreciation. As our algorithm trades automatically between the basket of tokens, a portion of the profits created will be used to buy OptiToken on the market, thus providing upward price pressure. Afterwards, the tokens will be sent to an unspendable address to be destroyed, creating scarcity. The effect of this strategy is to nurture a market that has very strong buy support and solves a common problem of new ICO’s that can’t find any volume. This strategy means Optitoken can grow even in bear markets, as proved by the live portfolio on our site.

  • Details
  • Diversity: Hold a expertly curated and diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies by owning a single token. Opti will be traded on major exchanges. Algorithmic trading: Exposure to an algorithm that has consistently outpaced Bitcoin. Developed by crunching data from the work of professional traders. Will integrate machine learning. 24/7: Crypto doesn’t stop and neither will OptiToken. Constant, round the clock automatic trading to identify trends even when you are sleeping or busy. Stop staring at screens 24/7. Low fees: The benefit of discount on buys/sells for high volume accounts, creating lower fees than self-managed portfolios. Buy pressure: In every automatic buy cycle, a portion of the profits created will be used to buy OptiToken on the market thus providing upward price pressure. Strategic Scarcity: A portion of the tokens bought back will be sent to an unspendableaddress that can be verified transparently. OptiToken will be the first project to use this strategy for the purpose of raising value for holders. Transparency: The fund will be externally audited on an annual basis and as needed to maintain integrity for OptiToken holders. All movements can be tracked and verified using the blockchain.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • week 1 and 2 0.12 EUR
    week 3 and 4 0.15 EUR
    week 5 and 6  0.18 EUR
    week 7 and 8  0.21 EUR
    final month  0.24 EUR


  • Name
  • Position
  • Links
  • Sean Donato
  • Founder and CEO
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  • John DeGiacomi
  • Business Manager & Asset Pricing
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  • Sebastian Richard
  • Senior Software Engineer. Full-Stack Developer
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  • Alex Labarces
  • Full Stack, Automation, Machine Learning
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  • Abdel Affo
  • Automation and Machine Learning
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  • John Mosquera
  • Exchange Relations
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  • Felipe Ospina
  • Graphic Design
  • Vlad Guriev
  • Community Manager
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  • Ahmad Dewanto
  • Bounty Campaign Manager
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  • Alec Hahn
  • User Experience and Financial Institution Relations Founder of Bitcoin42 and developer at BitHalo
  • Theo Goodman
  • Founder DegenBet.com
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  • Krystelle Galano
  • Lead Marketing and Public Relations
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  • Petra Hoogerwerf
  • Management Consultant
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  • Karnika Yashwant
  • Top Marketing Advisor
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Token OPTI
Price 0.3620 USD
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap225000 EUR
Hard cap24000000 EUR
CountryCayman Islands
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, Cayman Islands
Category CryptoCurrency
Total Supply 196,000,000
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