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Let us first understand what open source university is. It’s primarily the World’s Academic & Career Development Ledger which empowers 7 billion learners and connects these learners to the top professional development opportunities and academic education on the Ethereum blockchain. Open source university also helps in the tracking and validating (in an immutable manner) achievements of learners through individual professional and academic development throughout the world by providing a distributed platform. With the help of the marketplace side of the solution, learners can now easily access the best education, and they are just one reach away from the solution of the best educational offerings. With the help of the job matchmaking side of the solution, these learners after completing their education can easily get hired by various businesses.

The smart contract is beneficial in this regard. It will verify and store all the certificates if the learners on the blockchain which makes them immutable and easily accessible to every organization and business. Three types of smart contracts us very much useful such as L2B (Learners to Business), L2A (Learners to Academia) and B2A (Business to Learners). Learners can hence now be highly benefitted as their progress in learning and development are efficiently reflected in the blockchain.

  • Details
  • Learning and development marketplace on the blockchain. Tokenized market between Businesses, Academia and Learners equipped with sophisticated matching algorithms excluding middleman. Providing all the necessary resources to every MOOC and academia striving to the feature when academic background will be transparent and traceable.WHY BLOCKCHAIN Open Source University will revolutionize the way businesses, learners and academia communicate and benefit using Ethereum blockchain technology. Blockchain will bring trust and traceability of all certificates and degrees issues by academias (MOOCs, universities etc.) Businesses can benefit by matching the right candidates excluding third parties , saving time, money and fixing most of scalability issues related to lack of professionals.THE MOST SECURE WAY TO STORE AND BENEFIT FROM YOUR ASSETS. Open Source University legally binds all assets to its own EDU Token. Owning EDU tokens means that you have the right to claim benefits and to use the platform. Tokens will be stored in your private wallets which needs to be ERC20 compliant. Small amount of EDU tokens will be distributed into the blockchain in order to boost the benefits by owning such kind of assets.
  • Rates and Bonuses
  • Token info

    PreICO price1 ETH = 1,350 ETH
    Price in ICO1 ETH = 750 EDU
    Tokens for sale48,000,000

    Investment info

    AcceptingBTC, ETH, Fiat
    Distributed in ICO62.5 %
    Soft cap3,750 ETH
    Hard cap44,000 ETH


  • Name
  • Position
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  • Kevin Dowd
  • Visionary & Token Economics Lead
  • Gordon Kerr
  • Senior Investment Adviser
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  • Hristian Daskalov
  • Project Lead
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  • Jordan Jambazov
  • Technology Lead
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  • Momchil Jambazov
  • Creative Technologist
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  • Dobromir Kovachev
  • Blockchain Developer
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  • Vladimir Tasev
  • Blockchain Developer
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  • Petar Angelov
  • Developer
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  • Teodora Alexieva
  • Marketing Specialist
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PreICO Price1,350 EDU = 1 ETH
Price1 ETH = 750 EDU
AcceptingBTC, ETH, Fiat
Hard cap44,000 ETH
Category Education
Total Supply48,000,000
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