Onplace is a famous company. They aim to develop their business by expanding the financial market. They are mainly investing money in the private IT companies. It has already been proved that investing in IT companies is very much beneficial. It can give you double return. Most of the businessmen believe in this new system of investment. Tokenization is a unique concept which they are using to make their business more strong.

Onplace is offering different tokens which are beneficial for the growth of any IT company. IT companies are also very much interested in this kind of a system. They are offering tokens which can convert you into a leading brand in the field of business. You can avail the best team for development of your company or the best employer in the world. Tokens, the key to new opportunities and solutions and very much important in the field of business are available here. These tokens can provide you with a recent financial structure which is necessary for different types of business. You can also get to know about many users of these tokens. The most successful investors are now investing in tokens, and you have the chance to get it now.

  • Details
  • Pre-sale starts at 8:00 am New Your / 1:00 pm London / 9:00 pm Hong Kong
  • Distribution
  • -80% funds collected from pre-sale will be directed to the development of PATS protocol, tokenized assets ecosystem/ trading infrastructure/ formation of the first pool of tokenized assets.20% will be directed to the advertising and marketing .


  • Name
  • Position
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  • Evgeniy Perikov
  • OnPlace Inc. Founder
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  • Mikhail Gamov
  • OnPlace Inc. Co-Founder
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  • Oleg Esipenko
  • General Director of Russian Branch
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  • Mike Gorden
  • Director of Communications
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  • Ilya Solovyanov
  • OnPlace Inc. IT-Director
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Token OPL
Price 1 OPL = 0.000142857 ETH
Bounty Available
Platform Ethereum
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply 110,000,000
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