Octobase is a South Africa based company that looks to exploit the capability of the blockchain. The Octobase platform is based on Ethereum that enable clients to all the more successfully execute with and oversee digital assets on different blockchains. It needs to make the technology available to all using a necessary and secure interface. This interface will be straightforward to explore utilizing the impeccably incorporated items situated in the Octobase Suite. It makes it conceivable to store, convey, and transmit value around the world based on agreements housed on the blockchain; securely, instantly, reasonably, at next to no cost.

Octobase Equity Partnership (OEP) Tokens represent a shareholding in Octobase and will also entitle the holder for voting rights and profits. Today the value of the token is 1 ETH=64.9 USD.

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  • Octobase's flagship product, Octo Vault, centers around botch sealing the capacity of Ether (ETH) and ERC20 cryptocurrencies. Octo Vault will be paving for Octobase's following blockchain items and additional monetary standards, which clients will have the capacity to interface with through Octo Vault. Octo Vault is a one of a kind on-chain brilliant wallet which incorporates upgraded security includes that all the more nearly take after the security highlights found in regular saving money.
      The utilization of Octobase is restricted in USA, Philippines, China, Korea, British Virgin Islands.
    Despite the fact that there are numerous wallets out right now, the majority of them don't offer many useful features in a way where you are responsible for your assets. Octobase is building this wallet - a wallet for you.


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  • Cornelius Gouws
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Hank Coetzee
  • Business Development and Strategy
  • Schalk Dormehl
  • Research and Innovation
  • Francisco de Carvalho
  • Branding, UX and Design
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Token OEP
Platform Ethereum
CountrySouth Africa
Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, Philippines, China, Korea, British Virgin Islands
Category Trading & Investing

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