Introducing the token (NEXT) Investing in the token is an investment which provide holders with benefits and help us to keep on build this amazing platform. Tokenholders get also early access to ICO listings, reviews, consultations and access to a referral program. We believe that anybody can make substantial in the cryptocurrency and digital asset market. This is exactly why we developed the best exchange with the most unique features.

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  • Incorporated in the Netherlands, is a next generation stock exchange committed to offering alternative financing and non-banking asset management solutions outside of traditional financial systems and banking establishments. Unlike them, we place all assetsstraight into the Blockchain ledger. We offer our clients a broad range of trading and advisory services, regarding mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, and strategic topic clarifications for organizations, shareholders, management, private equity houses, and solo investors. Our mission is to provide top of the line consultation services and guidance for our clients in order to assist them in making the best financial decisions and to reach their investment and financial goals.


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  • Christiaan van Steenbergen
  • Founder & Angellist Europe
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  • Gleb Jout
  • Blockchain Consultant, Content & Strategy Manager
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  • Chris Haveman
  • Board advisor & Business Strategy Operations
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  • Rob van Dijk
  • Laywer & Head of Legal Operations
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Token NEXT
Price 0.7750 USD
Platform Ethereum
Category Business services
Total Supply 76,000,000
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