MyTrackNet is a global lost and found network that uses blockchain technology to incentivise participants for their contribution. It aims to revolutionize the CrowdGPS feature by uniting the power of every Bluetooth tracker into one unified network.

  • Details
  • MyTrackNet is a platform for finding anything you lost implementing a unique reward mechanism to give incentives to participants to help you! MyTrackNet, also, integrates a crowdgps feature ready to connect with any bluetooth tracker in the market.

    Our network is free to join by anyone, despite their tracker brand, meaning that all the users who own a tracker device, as well as those who don't own one are able to contribute in networks density and coverage.

    The vast number of users joining our network greatly increases the chance that a lost item will be found, making it the most powerful network on the market.

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Platform Waves
Category Communications
Total Supply 100,000,000
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