The crypto community has business service providers known as Multisignio, which is based on Ethereum Platform. It provides the best possible link between different services and creates unprecedented synergy that is not made available to all the users. The token is known as MSG and its value is 1MSG=1/15,000ETH. It has been developed the decentralized economy of Blockchain networks and crypto-currency.

Since the already scarce number of providers ofcurrent multi-signature wallets offer the most primitive form of the services, without even realizing the true potential it can achieve and the amazing world of offers by it. Mutisignio develops and deploys an autonomous multi-signature wallet provider powered by a private Blockchain and modular, upgradable contracts within our network.

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  • Users can create Mutisignio Wallets or MSWs powered by Smart Contracts by using their MSG tokens. A load balancer proxy network is used to broadcast the transactions through one of Mutisignio’s RPC nodes. Communication with this proxy server can be achieved using the application interface of Mutisignio and grant the users the ability to retrieve the hex-encoded transaction and broadcast it themselves.This forms the basis for overcoming the shortcomings of the current wallets with proper expertise on Blockchain tools backing the solutions.The creation of a supplementing sub-network in this system can be implemented for the Ethereum Network that will host and relay all multi-signature wallets with a lot of advanced capabilities and features is a few clicks away. This will be able to offer advanced multi-signature wallet solutions to everyone, whether it is an individual, a household, a company or an ICO team.


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  • Evripidis Palios
  • Public Relations Manager & Marketing
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  • Alexander Papageorgiou
  • Lead Software Engineer
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  • Anastasios Kakouris
  • Full-Stack Developer
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  • Nikos Tsompanelis
  • Project Manager
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  • Efiana Spiridonidou
  • Graphic Designer
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  • Marianna
  • Art Director
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PreICO Price1 ETH = 15,000 MSG
Price1 ETH = 15,000 MSG
Category Communications
Total Supply2,000,000
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