The crypto community has a new protocol that you can use in order to monetize the mobile data communication volume. It is based on the Ethereum platform and it provides the best possible link for sharing excess data volume globally between various users and creates unprecedented synergy that is made available to all the users irrespective of their country and communication carrier. The token is known as MOVE and its value is 1MOVE=1USD or 1/700,000BTC. It has been developed by the decentralized economy of Blockchain networks and crypto-currency.

It is strictly restricted in the limit of purchase but there is no geographical boundary for using this application. The services are well designed and solution integration offers the product line to be easily accessed by professionals as well as beginners. This Blockchain based market has a lot to offer to mobile users in both developed as well as developed users. This business provider offers the self- intuitive interfaces and convenient services’ ecosystem that is interrelated to crypto-currency processes like mining, funds, charity, exchange, converting to Fiat and gaining partner goods and services while also actively working towards liberating the Internet and thus, the information.

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  • This project is not only intended to buy or sell the communication data volume, but also address and to some extent solves the global issue of digital divide. Putting sharing economy to good use for monetizing the surplus data or in exchange for free information that empowers is a good bargain. This technology will surely surplus data and save every penny that used to be lost.


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  • John Peterson
  • CEO
  • Alexandre Grenier
  • CTO
  • Logan Edwords
  • CFO / CMO
  • Michel Leith
  • Product Designer
  • Yassine Lopez
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Mathieu Padonou
  • Full Stack Developer
Trade Token on Bitcratic


Token MOVE
Price 100 MOVE = 1 USD
Platform Ethereum
Hard cap 50000000 USD
Category Business services

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