The crypto technology has block trading for crypto currencies and stock exchange, which is known as Moentum. It is based on the Ethereum Platform and is an ERC20 crypto and is being sold for raising the necessary funds for the exchange of cryptos and stocks. It provides the best possible link between crypto currency exchange and US stock exchange. The token is known as MOM and its value is 1MOM=0.0001ETH. It has been developed as the decentralized economy of Blockchain networks and crypto-currency.  The patented provides the ability to the users to advertise as well as trade large volumes in Bitcoins and other crypto currencies, especially without even upsetting the market.

Using patented liquidity aggregation tools in a peer to-peer network, a unique market for every buy and sell order is achieved. The five US patents comprise of sixty nine distinct claims which cover the various, unique features of Spot Quote.

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  • MOM will fund Spot Quote Holdings and its subsidiary Spot Quote, which will immediately launch its SEC-regulated Alternative Trading System into the market as soon as it’s launched. Spot Quote will also file a Form 1 with the SEC to become a formal U.S. stock exchange.The technology also has the ability to generate a unique bid or the best offer quote by making business competitors compete against each other in real time as the orders come into the market. Theinternet-based “operating system” provided by our technology facilitates the negotiation and trading of financial instruments between parties as well.


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  • Jonathan Barrera
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  • Prakash Patel
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  • David Balabon
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  • Sam Balabon
  • CEO
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  • Eric Egnet
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  • Dmitry Shalmiev
  • Chief Technologist
  • Roman Korkin
  • Graphic Design
  • Andrey Murashkin
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Timofey Bodyagin
  • Java/Oracle Developer
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Token MOM
PreICO Price1 MOM = 0.00003 - 0.00007 ETH
Price 1 MOM = 0.0001 ETH
Platform Ethereum
CountryUnited States
Category CryptoCurrency

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