Misscoin is a very innovative blockchain technology that is here to revolutionize the beauty industry.

The main reason behind the creation of the misscoin is to curb the illegalities and rigging of the final result that’s very common in the beauty pageant industry.

The introduction of the misscoin blockchain technology will give every participant in a beauty pageant equal chances and advantage, thus making the competition a very fair one for everyone involved. With the misscoin technology the chances of scrupulous admin and bias judges making the voting process one-sided will be greatly reduced or brought down to zero.

  • Details
  • Misscoin is available on the Etherum platform, which means you can invest in misscoin once you have some Etherum ETH in your cryptocurrency wallet. This makes it very easy to buy and sell the Misscoin, since there is never shortage of buyer and seller for Etherum (ETH) as it is a leading cryptocurrency.  The value of misscoin also pegs with the dollar at a very fair price of one miss coin equal to 2 cents of the US dollar (1 MISC = 0.02 USD). This is quite cheap for a coin with high potential like misscoin, so buying into the coin investment plan before it hits the exchange in less than two months will be a wise investment.
    Misscoin is mainly focused on the events and entertainment industry and it originates from the United Kingdom, just like most other coin miss coin has no currently active restriction in any country.


  • Name
  • Position
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  • Rovshan Suleymanov
  • CEO/Founder
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  • Danil Gimadiyev
  • CFO
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  • Fuad Nasirov
  • CTO
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  • Julia Shumilina
  • Art Director
  • Fazil Askerov
  • Software Developer
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  • Seymur Aliev
  • CMO
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Token MISC
Price 1 MISC = 0.02 USD
Platform Ethereum
Category Events & Entertainment
Total Supply 1,000,000,000

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