Mirocanapromises to provide artificial intelligence for the transparent investing. This token is based on Ethereum blockchain technology and it is an artificial intelligence (AI) based investment platform. This platform is currently revolving around the access of MICRO tokens.

It is a complex predicting system depending on the deep learning neural nets, which gather, store, and then analyze large volumes of the financial data. The company has developed three investment products regarding the system’s predictions for currency, stock, and crypto-currency markets. The right to use these products is restricted by the amount of the tokens available on the customer’s account.

For Mirocana investment products, MIRO token is the data access objects and even used by the system in order to encourage talented users to contribute their code & knowledge for increasing the Mirocana prediction accuracy. Users can purchase MIRO token during the token sale or even after at the exchange. The present value of the MIRO token is 1MIRO = 0.01ETH.

Here are the features of the MICRO token

  • Mirocana was not developed static
  • It is not a hedge fund
  • It is fully automatic and works 24×7

  • Details
  • Mirocana competitive benefits
    • The platform does not take any customers funds to their accounts. Using the access key, it connects existing broker and exchange account and controls funds of the client
    • The company does not have any sort of rights to withdraw money
    • They are creating three platforms for the crowdsourced learning, which will enhance entire prediction accuracy
    • This system not only works with cryptocurrencies but also with conventional currency and stock markets
Trade Token on Bitcratic
Token MIRO
Price 1MIRO = 0.01ETH
Platform Ethereum
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply 200,000,000
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