Miner one is a new age blockchain technology that is managed by a team if highly experienced experts in data center construction and management. The main focus of Miner one is to make sure cryptocurrency mining is now very easy and also at a cheap cost than it normally is. This means coin can now be mined at a very fast, cost-effective and also very safe way than it normally is before the development of the mine coin technology.

Miner one team plans on achieving this mainly through negotiation and bargaining with top-tier hardware manufacturers to get the latest and also the most powerful tools and technology for mining coin at wholesalers prices which that can’t be seen on the shelf or counter of hardware stores.

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  • As you might have heard or read, electricity is a big and significant part of mining.  To make things highly affordable, Miner one mining operations will be done in Sweden, with one of the best and also the cheapest electricity in the world.
    Miner one is hosted on the Etherum platform and it accepts ETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat for purchases, which makes it one of the few blockchain technologies accepting multiple payment options. Miner one token (MIO) is being valued at 1MIO equating to 0.001 Etherum  (1 MIO = 0.001 ETH),  with bonus available on every purchase being made on the token. Miner one originates from Dubai and it currently does not have any restrictions in any other country of the world.


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  • Pranas Slušnys
  • CEO and Co-Founder
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  • Jonas Udris
  • Legal Counsel and Co-Founder
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  • Andrius Miron
  • Product Owner and Co-Founder
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  • Gediminas Rimša
  • CTO - Token Architect
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  • Saulius Radvila
  • ITT Architect & Project Manager
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  • Andrius Gedvilas
  • Network Engineer, Expert, Architect
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  • Jens Eriksson
  • Business Development Project Manager (Sweden)
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  • Romas Kazakevicius
  • System Administrator
  • Dovilas Kazlauskas
  • IT and System Administrator
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  • Paulius Mažeika
  • Process Automation & System Administration
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  • Genadijus Zverugo
  • Electrical Engineering Expert
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  • Konstantin Goreev
  • Data Centre Maintenance Manager
  • Emilis Gutmanas
  • Datacenter Architect
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  • Dan Eriksson
  • System & Software Developer and Automation Expert
  • Robertas Visinskis
  • Eric Elbar
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  • Eric James Downton
  • Marketing Advisor
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  • Alin Bittel
  • Business Development
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  • Alexander Kulik
  • Business Management
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  • Darius Udrys
  • Business & Brand Development
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  • Adel Saadi
  • Business Development (Belgium)
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Trade Token on Bitcratic


Token MIO
Price 1 MIO = 0.001 ETH
Platform Ethereum
AcceptingETH, BTC, LTC, Fiat
Soft cap3000000 USD
Hard cap200000000 USD
Category CryptoCurrency
Total Supply 287,000,000

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