A novel cryptocurrency platform providing financial solutions

Among upcoming ICOs, Unique solutions are provided by Midex. No extant analog can be traced here. The solutions offered in this coin market regarding finance systems are revolutionary.

The asset management center is unified

With internet banking as well as apps for Windows, iOS and Android phones, the asset can be accessed quickly. You can receive and send transfers, exchange investments, accounts and operations in a smart platform.

Unique exchange of cryptocurrency

Try this superior coin market. At Midex, you can quickly get access to the vast cryptocurrency market legally.

External accounts can be connected

Several cryptocurrency exchanges and financial accounts can be linked efficiently.

Exchange of different cryptocurrency in one platform

It gives you the liberty to deal with several cryptocurrency markets in one unified Initial coin offering platform. Different markets can exchange the assets rapidly.

Exchange quotations collection

Quotations of cryptocurrency exchange can be precisely monitored in an advanced manner.

The security in Midex

The security system of Midex is unparalleled. All potential threats are taken into account.

Cold storage principle

In cold wallets, they store base assets in crypto which are separated from the internet. In case of daily operations, wallets are regularly aggregated.

Blockchain & Smart contracts

Midex business widely uses ICOs blockchain technology. So, financial data can never be lost or substituted.


  • Name
  • Position
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  • Andrew Dubinin
  • President
  • Dmitry Machikhin
  • CEO
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  • Alex Shkirin
  • Head of tax and Legal
  • Eyal Hertzog
  • Blockchain advisor
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  • Gabriel Brack
  • Swiss Financial Expert
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  • Renato Almeida
  • Legal advisor
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  • Kaznacheev Evgeny
  • CTO (Technical director)
  • Valeria Mingova
  • PR Director
  • Mike Blackwood
  • CMO
  • Stan Sokolovsky
  • Legal counsel
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  • Ars Dain
  • IR manager
  • Max Oleynik
  • Marketing manager
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  • Nik Postnik
  • Hype manager
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  • Natasha Lukina
  • Project manager
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Token MDX
PreICO Price1 PreMDX = 0.00108 ETH
Price 1 MDX = 1 USD
Platform Ethereum
Hard cap 75,000,000 MDX
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply 75,000,000
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