Metronome builds off the lessons learned from previous cryptocurrencies and optimizes for self-governance, long-term reliability, and maximum portability. Built by leading figures in the space and supported by a diverse array of partners and advisors, Metronome is engineered to meet and exceed the high standards of the cryptocurrency community. In developing an enduring cryptocurrency, Metronome is founded on three key design principles


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  • Jeff Garzik
  • CEO & Co-Founder / Chief Designer
  • Matthew Roszak
  • Chairman & Co-Founder
  • Peter Vessenes
  • Chief Cryptographer
  • Ryan Condron
  • Principal Engineer
  • Troy Benjegerdes
  • Principal Engineer
  • Jordan Kruger
  • Data Scientist
  • Gabriel Montes
  • Engineering Lead
  • Pablo Enrici
  • Software Engineer
  • Ignacio Anaya
  • Software Engineer
  • Jaclyn Kramer
  • Marketing
  • Dariusz Jakubowski
  • Community Advocate
  • Steve Beauregard
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Platform Ethereum
Category CryptoCurrency
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