Metatip is a cryptocurrency wallet that has made sure to cancel all the issues that other wallet faces. From slow transfer to high transfer charges, Metatip has tried its best to eliminate any hurdle that an investor might have. Metatipis a blockchain, which runs on Ethereum also accepts all kinds of cryptocurrency and keeps this multiple currencies as well.

Metatipis located in the United States of America and making great changes in the crypto world. Being a token project, to be an investor, you have to purchase a token. Metatip token is tagged as META. 1ETH is the equivalent of 70,000 META. Metatiphas opened door to investor since the ending of last year and this offer would be closed to public on 8th of August 2018. Being a much awaited platform, seizing the opportunity to invest in it is the right thing to do as the wallet would be highly demanded by a lot of crypto investors. If you cash in now, the more it gets used, the more the value increases.

Metatip have always tried to keep itself upto speed with the incessant improvement in the crypto world. Making constant changes and trying as much as possible to be the bestwallet for crypto investor. The increase in the density of the population in the crypto world is continuously increasing and this causing a lot of glitches. These glitches are now becoming very rampant and Metatip are improving their wallet to avoid it happening to their customers.

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95 days 17 hours left

2017-12-05 - 2018-08-01
Price 70,000 META = 1 ETH
CountryUnited States
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply100,000,000

58 thoughts on “Metatip”

  1. This is very a good and promising project. Its potential is topnotch. I like the brain behind it, it’s so on point. I have not only purchased some Meta coin for myself, I have also bought for my friends and relatives. I strongly stand with MetaTip!

  2. Strong team! Going hard! Great potential and strong community. Don’t miss this boat! Or should I say, don’t miss this cruise 😉

  3. Meta has got lightening fast transactions and it will be the future of Crypto Currency…… Act Fast Dont Miss the Meta train….

  4. The Potential of a project is easy to see based on the attention paid to details in its formation. The concept is awesome and the execution is excellent.

  5. This is an amazing project with very serious developers and I think this project will shake the cryto world in no distance time from now.
    Highly recommended

  6. This is a great believe that I believe in. This is the new revolution of crytocurrency. It should be considered immediately

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