High cost of sending Bitcoin (>$10 per transaction) and the slow transfer speeds of cryptos that used to be fast. This was before both Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains got bloated. Currently it takes several minutes (if you are lucky) or even up to hours in order to the whole transaction process to get finished.

Project TypeToken
Platform     Blockchain
Category Trading & Investing
LocationUnited States
Total Supply100,000,000
Bitcoin TalkOpen

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101 days 17 hours left

2017-12-05 - 2018-06-01
Price 70,000 META = 1 ETH
CountryUnited States

7 thoughts on “Metatip”

  1. This is very a good and promising project. Its potential is topnotch. I like the brain behind it, it’s so on point. I have not only purchased some Meta coin for myself, I have also bought for my friends and relatives. I strongly stand with MetaTip!

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