Metatip is a cryptocurrency wallet that has made sure to cancel all the issues that other wallet faces. From slow transfer to high transfer charges, Metatip has tried its best to eliminate any hurdle that an investor might have. Metatipis a blockchain, which runs on Ethereum also accepts all kinds of cryptocurrency and keeps this multiple currencies as well.

Metatip located in the United States of America and making great changes in the crypto world. Being a token project, to be an investor, you have to purchase a token. Metatip token is tagged as META. 1ETH is the equivalent of 70,000 META. Metatiphas opened door to investor since the ending of last year and this offer would be closed to public on 8th of August 2018. Being a much awaited platform, seizing the opportunity to invest in it is the right thing to do as the wallet would be highly demanded by a lot of crypto investors. If you cash in now, the more it gets used, the more the value increases.

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  • Metatip have always tried to keep itself upto speed with the incessant improvement in the crypto world. Making constant changes and trying as much as possible to be the bestwallet for crypto investor. The increase in the density of the population in the crypto world is continuously increasing and this causing a lot of glitches. These glitches are now becoming very rampant and Metatip are improving their wallet to avoid it happening to their customers.
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Price 70,000 META = 1 ETH
CountryUnited States
Category Trading & Investing
Total Supply100,000,000

58 thoughts on “Metatip”

  1. Gökey says:

    I belive that METAtip will be attractive for new investors in this year so get ready for METAtip rocket

  2. Lzs Shotta says:

    I like the transaction speed and i believe this project to succeed beyond its expectations.

  3. Keep growing! Really fast transactions 🙂

  4. Nerio C says:

    I really like the concept. Recommended.

  5. abummk37 says:

    This is very a good and promising project. Its potential is topnotch. I like the brain behind it, it’s so on point. I have not only purchased some Meta coin for myself, I have also bought for my friends and relatives. I strongly stand with MetaTip!

  6. Really fast and cheap Tx!! Whatelse is needed to say? I will definitely use it in the future.

  7. Nanoowz says:

    Awesome concept and super fast tranferspeed

  8. Interesting project with a very active team!

  9. CADBURY G says:

    Glad to be a part of meta tip …the transaction speeds are fantastic and the transfer fees are miniscule….great job meta team

  10. Excited to see where this goes! Team have been very responsive to investors. They work very hard!

  11. David says:

    Amazing project and team. Get in now before the rocket leaves

  12. Stevey says:

    These guys have a great idea here working on a new blockchain with great potential

  13. olisa says:

    Among the ealry birds in this project. I love the transaction speed almost to the speed of light..xoxox

  14. Tony4life58 says:

    Meta Tip as a great project is gonna blow high as I am excited by the amazing team behind the project

  15. This project will be one huge that i cant afford to miss.

  16. Good project with real life utility and adoption

  17. Anthony Chibuike says:

    Meta will do well. Keep it up guys. Great potential with possibilities to compete with eth and neo

  18. I so much believe in METAtip. With their efforts in developing their Blockchain, I believe they will give btc a hot chase.

  19. Tony4life581 says:

    Great project

  20. Anixcoba says:

    Wonderful project! Great team!

  21. Fasalejo oluwafemi says:

    I believe it going to be a great project and investment

  22. MICK Abulatan says:

    The transaction fees and speed would place METAtip ahead

  23. Sulyman Abdullahi says:

    It is never too late to join this unique and amazing project. This will be huge and highly successful

  24. Great project with team. Meta is the next big thing to blow the crypto space

  25. Rofiyat Tolani says:

    Wow. This project is so exciting.

  26. Jay BlK says:

    Strong team! Going hard! Great potential and strong community. Don’t miss this boat! Or should I say, don’t miss this cruise 😉

  27. anikwenzeudoka says:

    Awesome project, I already have 600, hoping to get more

  28. Indeed there is nothing more than fast transaction in the crypto space. If I see one I throw my full support to such projects. I believe meta has come to solve this big problem.

  29. I like this project, developer have been updating the community on all information as it comes… Quiet awesome

  30. CryptoCoin Alerts says:

    Meta has got lightening fast transactions and it will be the future of Crypto Currency…… Act Fast Dont Miss the Meta train….

  31. mrknowitall63 says:

    Metatip have a great project lighting network with low fee transaction, Developers are amazing with they are support.

  32. adewale adeolu says:

    this meta is one sort of wonderful project.. Keep it up..

  33. anijreload4 says:

    The Potential of a project is easy to see based on the attention paid to details in its formation. The concept is awesome and the execution is excellent.

  34. barkbbd says:

    Great and amazing project. lets storm it and get started.

  35. This is a great project.
    We look forward for the future

  36. Ekene Uche says:

    I believe Metatip will do so well. I have plenty of their token

  37. capable uwa says:

    This is an amazing Project, with hard working developers. I think this project will do well.

  38. William Don says:

    This is an amazing project with very serious developers and I think this project will shake the cryto world in no distance time from now.
    Highly recommended

  39. This is one really amazing project. I have gone through and I think this project got my 100% support.

  40. capable uwa says:

    This is a great believe that I believe in. This is the new revolution of crytocurrency. It should be considered immediately

  41. sthrpeterson says:

    Amazing Project with Excellent team…..
    I’m with you all the way…… Goodluck and Success

  42. Shalom says:

    I believe this project will make lot of sense, success to the dev

  43. Crypto Freak says:

    This project is definitely going to the moon. Am in all the way.

  44. metatip says:

    Best ico! Hope to do well I future!

  45. Mac Leak says:

    Metatip to me is the best news to come this time… Project built to address the pressing issues in crypto. Ride on

  46. Great Project.. Growing really fast. Brilliant idea. I’m gonna be a part of this

  47. Ada Cee says:

    I believe in Metatip. The speed of transaction is mind blowing.

  48. @M_and_G says:

    Great Project. Wishing you success!

  49. excelente project META tip .. the best investment ever.

  50. I have believe on this project, this is the best project people have been waiting for

  51. Aline Zsigmond says:

    Metatip has an awesome team and great potential! I have already gotten plenty of tokens!

  52. Will be io to $1.25 each satoshi. Attractive token with sucessive business in near future.

  53. Alessandro says:

    Great project, meta to the moon!!!

  54. M Misri says:

    Great ICO to invest in. Most potential ICO token in the market.

  55. A very interesting project. Nice one meta

  56. Eyez_Berg says:

    This is a good project and I see it hitting the sky soon

  57. META. great project based to Metaverse chain. Join telegram group to stay update and enjoy airdrop events 😉

  58. Joshua A. T. Owoade says:

    Great project with cheapest and fastest transaction speed with real life utility

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