Medicoin is a Big-Data Platform in the Medical industry. With the help of this system, patients can store their data in a proper geographic chain. They will also get the access to different specialists and doctors anywhere. Hospitals, doctors, and patients can keep their data into a conformable cloud. Everything will become an extensive part of the Medicoin and a unique blockchain ecosystem.

Patients can access their data effortlessly. Along with that, they can allow other hospitals or doctors to access the selected part of individual electronic medical record systems. Even Pharmaceutical companies and Researchers can obtain relevant data. Hence this system acts as the fully anonymized big data. This system can also be used as prescription management where pharmaceutical companies, insurers, and researchers can access the untampered data.


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  • Small downloads can be done here. Along with that, it has fast access which makes it medically usable. The protocol used by this architecture enables connections between medical researchers, service providers, and patients, irrespective of their geographic locations. The protocol is mainly based on encrypted homomorphic access rules tables, smart cards, JSON data formats, lightweight and robust cryptography with blockchain technology. It brings intensified reliability and transparency at every level of medical data exchange.


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  • Aram Kovach
  • Founder
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  • Gabriel Ronai
  • Co-founder & Full Stack Engineer
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  • Mike Rocke
  • Business Strategist
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  • Dr. Branislav Cobanov
  • Big Data and Data Mining Specialist
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  • Dr. Vladimir Rankovic
  • Medical Advisor
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Category Drugs & Healthcare
Total Supply300,000,000

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